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Nutts Farm

Nutts Farm

Full Description

Nutts Farm in the parish of St Thomas in Jamaica produces fresh coconut water and cold pressed virgin coconut oil on 700 acres of farmland in the Nutts River area of the parish. The owners are renowned for perfecting a system which has beaten the lethal yellowing disease, a natural predator of the coconut industry. Nutts River Farm bottles under the NuttsFarm/Spring Garden brand.

Coconut oil is a healthy natural oil derived from the coconut. Virgin coconut  oil is known to be good for the hair and weight loss, digestion, heart conditions, immunity and healing from infections.

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Nutts River, Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica

Telephone Number

876-982-2221, 876-879-9666, 876-982-9301 (Fax)

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